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At the heart of America is its farmers and growers, and Bluebird Orchards is proud to be a part of that heritage nestled among some of the most productive farm country in Southwestern Wisconsin. In Bear Valley’s rich soils, ample rainfall and enough sunshine, Bluebird Orchards has a wonderful variety of fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, flowers, birds and bees. We also have a pond full of fish that are far too well fed, so bring your fishing pole if you visit us.


Enjoy our homemade canned goods such as apple pie filling ready to make a homemade pie, our popular apple raisin butter is the best you will ever taste. We also have apple cider, apple cider vinegar and our NEW Apple Tonic Water – a lightly infused fermented apple drink that will boost your energy, replenish much-needed probiotics and settle many stomach ailments including IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) acid reflux and more. With no sugar added, it truly is a tonic for your entire body. It tastes similar to Kombucha tea, but has all the digestive benefits associated with apple pectin. ” An apple a day keeps the doctor a way.” Our apple tonic has all the healing properties of apples in a refreshing drink that you can sip all day.

We also harvest black walnuts. Black walnuts are considered to be far superior in flavor to the English walnut,  and that’s according to the English. Europeans tend to prefer black walnuts for flavor. They are sweeter than their English counterpart. We offer them already shelled and frozen for freshness.

Shop our on-site orchard store with many farm-made organic products and benefit from all the nutrients and flavors nature intended.

Farm to Home Delivery and CSA MEMBERSHIPS:

If you are looking for farm to table freshness, we can provide it. No chemicals are ever used in the growing, production or processing of our products. We deliver fresh produce directly to your door in the Madison area or ship our canned orchard products anywhere! See our list of what we offer.

Follow our Website: Stay up to date on our holiday specials. It’s very convenient that harvest season is just a couple months before the holidays so we can offer unsurpassed freshness.

Blog: Follow our Journey and the many delicious products, recipes and wonders we are discovering while restoring this 100 year old property to its former glory once again.

Unfortunately, the orchard and grounds has been badly neglected by previous owners who had no interest in benefiting from the beautiful plants and orchard that had been established about 100 years ago.  I, however, took one look at the grounds and saw the potential that lay just below the surface with a little work to restore it. The first year at the orchard has been spent just trying to reclaim the trees and plants that are overrun by weeds and neglect. It has been an often overwhelming job. As one of my neighbors put it, “It is easier to maintain a property than try to reclaim it.” This is true, however, it’s also been a little fun and exiting learning how to do it and seeing the enormous progress just a little bit of effort can accomplish.



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