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Did you get a flyer in the mail from us?

Obviously we don’t have any produce in the winter months, so when it’s out of season, it will say “out of stock” on our website, This way you will always know just by looking at our website whether a particular item is ready or not.

produce delivery sign upHowever, we like to know how many people are interested in getting produce so we can plan our spring plantings in order to grow enough for everyone.

If you are interested in farm fresh produce either by delivery or CSA membership, please put your name on our PRODUCE SIGN UP LIST early in the spring to be sure we grow enough for you and everyone else. This does not obligate you in any way. We will notify you when our produce season gets underway.

About Bluebird Orchards:

At the heart of America is its farmers and growers, and Bluebird Orchards is proud to be a part of that heritage nestled among some of the most productive farm country in Southwestern Wisconsin. In Bear Valley’s rich soils, ample rainfall and sunshine, Bluebird Orchards produces a wide variety of fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, flowers, birds and bees. We believe in getting people back in touch with their food, meaning, they know where and how it is grown and that it is the highest quality it can be. After all, we are what we eat. Poor quality food leads to poor quality health. It’s a proven fact. And why waste your money on flavorless, nutritionless alternatives in the stores.

Farm to Home Produce Delivery:

If you are looking for farm to table freshness, we provide it. No chemicals are ever used in the growing, production or processing of our products. We deliver farm fresh produce and orchard products directly to your home or business in the Madison, Baraboo, Sauk City and LaCrosse areas, or ship our canned orchard products anywhere! See our list of what we offer.

CSA Memberships:

In addition to home delivery service, we also offer CSA memberships to those who are interested in paying for produce for the entire growing season and picking up a weekly box of whatever we currently have in season. See our prices here. CSAs were developed to bring consumers back in touch with their local growers so they know where their food is really coming from and can benefit from getting it as fresh and tasty as possible. Also to support local small farmers and growers who are struggling.


Apple cider, apple butters, applesauce, apple pie filling, berry syrups and jams, vegetable canned goods.

Enjoy our homemade canned goods such as our Pink Lady apple pie filling ready to just dump in a crust and bake for easy homemade pie, or our apple sauces and butters, such as our popular apple raisin butter that is the best you will ever taste. We also have apple cider, apple cider vinegar, mulberry products, organic canned veggies and fruits and our NEW AppleBucha® – a lightly infused fermented apple drink that will boost your energy, replenish much-needed probiotics and settle many stomach ailments including IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) acid reflux, gastritis and more. It tastes similar to Kombucha tea, but has all the digestive benefits associated with apple pectin and apple cider vinegar. ” An apple a day keeps the doctor a way.” Our AppleBucha® has all the healing properties of apples in a refreshingly light flavored water that you can take to work and sip all day.


We also harvest black walnuts and will soon have hazelnuts. Black walnuts are considered to be far superior in flavor to the English walnut,  and that’s according to the English. Europeans tend to prefer black walnuts for flavor. They are sweeter than their English counterpart. We offer them already shelled and frozen for freshness.

Bluebird Orchards Honey:

Since we moved from Colorado, we have to start our bee colony all over again, but hope to offer honey products within the next year. We have acres and acres of white clover, which is a honeybee favorite, and since our property is all grown organically, our honey will be free from pesticides and therefore protect the bees from pesticide poisoning.

Honeybee on Lavender
Honeybee on Lavender

Browse our online orchard store with our fresh farm-made organic products and benefit from all the nutrients and flavors nature intended.

Follow our Website: Stay up to date on our holiday specials. It’s very convenient that harvest season is just a couple months before the holidays so we can offer unsurpassed freshness and unique holiday gifts and recipes. You will be sure to impress your guests or your host if you offer them some homemade farm and orchard products.

Blog: Follow our Journey and the many delicious products, recipes and wonders we are discovering while restoring this 80 year old orchard and property to its former glory once again.

Why “Bluebird” Orchards?

Why did we choose the name Bluebird Orchards? Because our bluebirds are the real heroes that allow us to produce food with the core values we want to cultivate – organically and sustainably.
Bluebirds eat thousands of insects every season that would be harmful to our orchards such as moths and the apple maggot fly. Not only are they beautiful to look at, bluebirds are very beneficial to farmers. We have a host of other birds as well that all help to protect our orchards and produce from harmful insect infestations, but the bluebirds are the very first orchard and farm helpers to arrive early in the spring and set up residence in the birdhouses we provide for them. They quickly became a symbol of organic growing when it is done in sync with Mother Nature and the way things should be. Thus, they became the symbol of all we value and try to cultivate with our business. We provide shelter for them and they provide a valuable service to us in return. It is truly a symbiotic relationship that reflects the way farming was done in the old days and should be done again in order to protect our quality of life and food supply.

Therefore, we can’t wait to see our feathered co-workers in the spring – as the first sign of the start of every growing season.