More Local Attractions, Maps and Recommendations.

This page is in addition to what we already mentioned on our Home Page and Local Attractions Page for the Madison, Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo, Hill Point area.


GO TO 4 STATES ALL AT ONCE: Bluebird Orchards is just a little over an hour from the amazing Mississippi River and the Four Corners area where Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota all meet. If you feel like a day trip to Dubuque, Iowa for Italian food, there is a restaurant there that has the best food. It’s called Vinnie Vanucchi’s not far from the Wisconsin River. It will take you approximately an hour and 15 minutes to get there but is worth the trip.


Devil’s Lake State Park, WI

The Wyalusing State Park will give you a wonderful view of the Mississippi River basin from it’s high cliffs. There are hiking trails in the park and one that goes to a small, orange-tinted cave that is not well-known but a beautiful site.

Pewit’s Nest is another wonderful park that is close. It is between Bluebird Orchards and Baraboo and visited by many who like to take a dip in the water-filled cavern and hike the trails.

Devil’s Lake: Many visitors to Wisconsin have heard of the Dells, Baraboo and Devil’s Lake State Park as being the most popular tourist attractions in the Southwest area. Devil’s Lake has hiking, camping and is the largest state park in Wisconsin. It is visited for it’s 500 foot high bluffs that surround the lake and offer amazing views of the area. There are many quartzite rock formations, such as Balanced Rock and Devil’s Doorway, throughout the park created by the ice age as was the lake, and a Blue Heron rookery on the South Shore of Devil’s Lake that attracts many birdwatchers. Download the map.

Mirror Lake State Park: Also very close to the Bluebird Orchards Vacation Rental is another popular park called Mirror Lake. It has similar bluffs and hiking trails to Devil’s Lake but is usually not as crowded.


PREM MEATS: If you are looking for a good butcher shop to purchase a ribeye steak to throw on the grill back at the rental, Prem Meats has the best around for flavor. The are located just 20 minutes from BBO in Spring Green, WI

NEW GLARUS BREWERY TOURS: New Glarus Brewery makes beers and flavored beers that are only sold in Wisconsin. Including the famous Spotted Cow beer and Red Belgian cherry flavor that cannot be bought outside the State of Wisconsin -although some bars in Illinois have pleaded to carry it. You can, however, go to almost any bar in Wisconsin and order a Spotted Cow. Only grocery and liquor stores carry the Red Belgian usually.

The best, most creamy, high-quality ice cream we have ever tasted.

SASSY COW ICE CREAM: The best ice cream we have ever tasted hands down! Not to be confused with our famous Spotted Cow beer is the awesome-tasting, creamy, rich Sassy Cow ice Cream. Not sold in most stores because it is made specifically for restaurants, Bluebird Orchards (BBO) does know of two places close-by where you can grab a taste: In Reedsburg at Viking Foods Grocery Store in their ice cream section you will find it by the quart but only a scant few flavors, or Aunt Ozie’s Cafe in Loganville only 5 miles from BBO, where you can get a sample in a cone or dish. However, we highly recommend a day trip to the actual Sassy Cow Creamery in Columbus, WI. They have a huge variety of flavors at the creamery that are not available in the store and you can buy them in pints, quarts or in a cone to take back to the rental with you. It’s about an hour’s drive from BBO through farm country.

CHEESE: Who can visit Wisconsin and not go home with some of the best cheese in the United States? You will find fresh cheese curds just about anywhere in this area and a cheese store in almost every town.

TRAIL BREAK PIZZA: Where they make it from scratch while you wait. Wonderful homemade crust pizza. Located in La Valle, WI just north of BBO about a 30 minute drive through some beautiful country. On the way you will pass Cedar Grove Cheese and Esther’s Candies – mentioned on our Home Page or Local Attractions Page.

Wedding Photographer

Looking for a unique outdoor wedding photography location? We have it, and a professional wedding photographer to go with it. Bluebird Orchards has a 5 acre outdoor studio complete with pond, bridge, apple orchard, flower gardens and many picturesque backdrops that are spectacular for wedding photography, bride and groom shots, engagement photos, graduation, prom, portraits or anything you want to share with friends and family.

Our professional has been a photographer for over 30 years shooting in all kinds of locations, situations and every type of subject matter. She is also a licensed FAA drone pilot so she can get some interesting and one-of-a-kind vantage points for your photos.

If you are interested in booking our professional photographer and 5 acre outdoor studio for any type of photography, please contact Bluebird Orchards at 608-501-3155 or

Things to Remember About Vacation Rentals

Bluebird Orchards laundry and bathroom

Vacation Rental Homes VS. Hotels

You can’t deny the convenience and comfort of a vacation rental vs staying in a hotel. When renting a vacation home you don’t have to put up with people slamming doors all hours of the early morning and night like you do staying in a hotel. You don’t hear the person on the other side of the wall snoring, the kids being loud in the pool, and a vacation rental home is just more relaxing, peaceful and comfortable than any hotel will ever be. You also have much more room for pets, kids and everyone in general.

Most vacation rental homes also supply their guests with all the same amenities a hotel does and more. If there is a downside to staying in a vacation rental home at all, it is just that you will not have any room service; but most guests feel that is a meager compromise for all the additional amenities, comforts and conveniences a vacation home offers.

What to Look For in a Vacation Rental Home

Just a few things to remember about vacation rentals is that they are not all created equal. I know of one property in my area that rents a cabin that is so off-the-grid guests have to carry in their own water. Some vacation rental homes in more remote areas in the mountains do not have sewer hookups and renters either have to use a composting toilet or an outhouse. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about a few of the guests who have stayed at Bluebird Orchards it’s that they just assume there will be running water, an indoor modern toilet and all the modern conveniences of a modern home. The best advice I can give to renters is to not assume but to come right out and ask. A few things to ask about are:

  1. What exactly is offered for cookware, utensils and other functional items? This is important to know in advance so you know what you have to bring and what you don’t. Also you may want to stop and buy groceries for your stay on the way to the rental, and knowing what you need in the way of personal items will save you a trip. Is laundry soap and dish soap provided or do you need to bring your own?
  2. How far is the parking from the entrance door? Do you really want to carry groceries and all of your other baggage a long distance if there is not parking at the house? Probably not. Some tiny houses and converted outdoor buildings are located behind a main house occupied by the owners and the street and driveway are up front with the main house, not in the back where the rental unit is.
  3. Is there an indoor toilet that flushes and is not a composting toilet?
  4. Is there electricity?
  5. Is there a trash receptacle or do we have to carry our trash out?
  6. Is there a shower?
  7. Are there laundry facilities available?

Knowing all of these basic things in advance will save you potential headaches if you arrive and discover the rental unit is not what you expected. Of course, if photos are supplied either on the vacation rental website, Airbnb, or other site that are sufficient enough to answer all of these questions, that makes it much easier to choose your next vacation rental home from the hundreds that are now available.

Wisconsin Cabin Rentals

wisconsin cabin rental

Do a search and you will pull up a couple Wisconsin Cabin Rental websites with a few properties, however, most people these days use Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and their affiliated sites. It’s like telling someone to “Google it.” Airbnb is notably the most used site when vacationers are looking for a place to stay. Bluebird Orchards is listed on Airbnb as well as Travel Wisconsin, Google Business and Facebook if you have a preference when you are searching for vacation spots.

I’m not sure our Barnhouse Rental Unit classifies as a cabin exactly. While it is in Wisconsin, and is a bit rustic-looking with all of it’s pine tongue and groove walls and hardwood floors, and it is in the woods, it is not as isolated as some people might picture a cabin in the woods to be. Yes, we have a lake, pond, stream and trees, but we are also close enough to a major Wisconsin highway (23) not far from Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo and Madison to take day trips if you are looking for shopping, dining, entertainment, a duck boat ride, some amazing kayaking and awesome ethnically diversified restaurants in Madison.

The Barnhouse Rental does have some very interesting antiques incorporated into it though. Such as the chandelier pictured above, a very old crank-style wooden antique phone (one of the first phones invented) and an antique freezer door for an entry door to the basement that still has the instructions on it telling store owners how to use yeast to make bread. The contractor who renovated the original barn also left the original ropes and pulley system in the loft, which we thought was a unique touch and really adds some nostalgia.

So you see, our Barnhouse Vacation Rental is a little bit of country, rustic, antique and cabin charm without leaving the modern conveniences and creature comforts by the roadside as you turn into the drive.

Kayak Rentals

Kayaks to rent

We’re cleaning the winter dust off the kayaks and getting them ready for another season. We are going to add a couple more kayaks to our fleet this year I think, if there’s enough interest. Many people bring their own, and the park has some as well, so we only have 2 right now for our guests to rent until we decide if we should stock any more.

One of our rental kayaks is a fishing kayak though, which you do not typically find at the park or other rental places. It’s a little longer and sturdier to accommodate a person up to 300 lbs and it has fishing pole holders. Our other kayak is a standard 8 foot enclosed kayak.

There are so many rivers and lakes in Wisconsin, you could not possibly kayak them all in your lifetime. In our area, we have the Baraboo River, which is best to kayak in the spring as it is shallow and can be dry in spots later in the summer if we don’t have a lot of rain. The Wisconsin River is very close by and there are many places to access it for a kayak or rafting. However, BE CAREFUL OF THAT CURRENT! The Wisconsin River has some very strong currents. Definitely do not swim in it, if kayaking or rafting, keep in mind it is going to pull you along quite quickly in certain areas and getting out of the river at certain spots may be a challenge.

If you are an inexperienced kayaker or a leisurely one, we would highly recommend sticking to the thousands upon thousands of gorgeous lakes in Wisconsin. We are close to some really nice ones: Mirror Lake, Lake Wisconsin, Devil’s Lake,  Lake Delton, to name just a very few of the more popular lakes in the area.

Spring Vacation Destinations

Looking for an update on Conditions at our Vacation Rentals?

March 20, 2020

Spring has sprung. The snow melted last weekend and we have been experiencing a great deal of rain. The daffodils on the hill are poking up to see if it’s time to show off their sunny yellow heads and brighten things up early or not. A bit muddy in the orchard as the frost just went out of the ground, but all in all, a typical spring in this area so far.

Spring Vacation Destinations can be a bit difficult in this area if we receive a great deal of rain and it causes flooding, however, The Barnhouse rental and the rest of the BBO property are not in a flood zone and usually stay high and dry regardless of any flooding in Baraboo or surrounding areas.

The ice went off the pond about a week ago as well, but it is not quite off White Mound Lake yet. Another 2 weeks I’m betting unless we get a quick warm-up around here.

Spring Attractions at BBO:

Watch the daffodils come up, the redbud bud, the birds start their nest-building and the honeybees come out when it gets above 50 degrees during the day and start getting busy immediately. The apple orchard blooms about mid to late May depending on the weather and it is wonderfully relaxing and picturesque to take walks through the orchard and listen to the birds.

How We are Handling the CoVid-19 Crisis.

travel alert

CoVid-19 and Bluebird Orchards Policy:

Health and Travel Alerts:

We are currently accepting or declining reservations on a day to day basis. Anyone who cancels their reservations due to the recent coronavirus events will be given a full refund or have the option to reschedule their stay at a later date. Any licensed lodging facility, such as Bluebird Orchards, is required by the Health Department to sterilize bedding, cookware and utensils in between guest visits as regular business practice anyway. Therefore, our hotel hygiene has always been as safe as it can possibly be due to government regulations.

With the recent Covid-19 crisis, we are taking extra measures just to be on the safe side. We are not accepting bookings from anyone outside the United States at this time or from anyone who has traveled outside the U.S within the last 2 months. Anyone showing potential signs of any virus during our check-in process will be denied lodging.