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Farm Store

We finally got the big sign for our Farm Store put up on the road. It has only been up a week and is already bringing in customers. That’s a really good thing.

What do we offer at the Bluebird Orchard’s Farm Store?

When you come to the store, tell us what you are looking for in the way of vegetables, fruits or nuts and we will pick them fresh on the spot. We believe this is the best way to offer a produce stand or farmer’s market since everything is picked the freshest it can possibly be when it’s picked per order. We’ve also been surprised at the number of people looking for fresh herbs. We have an extensive variety of culinary and medicinal herbs also picked fresh per order. When you stop by the farm store, we have a list of all the herbs and products we offer, but you can always find the most up-to-date list of what is in season and what isn’t by checking our online store.

We also have a good selection of handmade canned goods in the store such as canned jars of vegetables, sauces and fruits, as well as bottled syrups, juices and sweet cider in two different flavors. We should have free range chicken eggs starting in October, hens willing.

There are also many different handmade body care products in our farm store, and if you happen to be camping at White Mound County Park across the road from us and forget your shampoo, bug spray or other necessities, we offer some unique body care products.

Farm Store and Produce Stand Hours:

Currently the farm store and produce stand are open Tuesday through Friday from 10-6 and Saturday from 10-3, May 15 through December 15 until further notice. We are already starting to make cider, so stop by any time to pick up a bottle.

Handmade Body Care Products Line

We are proud to introduce our herbal and all natural handmade body care products. NO CHEMICALS, NO PARABENS. Our natural soaps are “Certified Natural”, meaning,┬áthe components have been verified to be all natural in origin and/or our suppliers have certified the all natural components to be all natural in origin. Often times essential oils in the market are adulterated and/or cannot be verified as authentic. We have been working with several companies that verify the authenticity of the essential oils and/or the components in the natural fragrances we use.
With Certified Natural Soaps, you can be confident you are purchasing a truly all natural soap. The same goes for our natural shampoo, leave-in conditioner, lip balms and all of our body care products.

soap loafPersonally, I have always loved handmade soaps. They have a scent and quality about them that makes each and every bar special. They also are usually more moisturizing by nature because they do not contain harmful, skin-drying and damaging chemicals. Handmade soap-making is truly an artisan craft. Bluebird Orchards has scented soaps that are unique to our orchard, such as Autumn Apples, Green Clover, Lavender, Calendula, Aloe and all the herbal scents we use. We grow the same herbs on our farm that are used in our herbal body care products, and you will find a few uniques scents only through Bluebird Orchards.

Our soap products use Shea, Coconut, Jojoba and Olive oils for quality skin moisturizing.