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A Beautiful Secret Uncovered

Wild rose bush
Wild rose was overcome by the tree next to it and chickweed.

Although not the main reason I purchased this property, the huge flower garden is an added bonus for sure. However, it has not been weeded for years. The previous owners obviously weren’t into weeding: which in Colorado I can understand, because the dirt is so hard you actually have to get it wet before you can dig in it or pull weeds. Weeding in Colorado clay that’s like concrete is a real chore, but here in Wisconsin, where the soil is a nice sandy loam, or at least more loose, pulling weeds is a breeze. Therefore, I really don’t understand why the previous owners of this property didn’t keep up the flower garden. The person who planted it originally clearly put a lot of work into it, and planted several varieties of flowers, shrubs, vines, herbs and bushes. From the little bit I could see of it through all the huge weeds that had taken it over, it looked pretty impressive.

yellow coreopsis uncovered
Coreopsis trying to bloom through a tangled mesh of chickweed

Oops. I’m committed now, or, I should be committed.

One day, I was looking at that overgrown, badly neglected mess and just decided to pull a couple weeds to see what was under them. Two hours later, I had about a quarter of the flower garden area weeded and had uncovered all kinds of surprises. It was even more impressive than I thought, and another pleasant bonus was that the creator of the flower garden and I had the same taste in flowers. They had planted at least 7-8 different colors of lilies, which happen to be my favorite flower. I had started beekeeping in Colorado – although not successfully – and after uncovering a bit of the flowers beneath the weeds, I also found many herbs had been planted there and a great many flowers that bees like.

a lily of every color
A lily of every color delighted me to no end

Luckily, I had a little foresight before leaving Colorado and I brought my beehive equipment with me in hopes I could get a hive established on the orchard. That will be another set of trials and tribulations to write about later, but uncovering even just a small portion of the flower garden revealed a great many useful plants, gorgeous, well-stablished flowers and shrubs and even a stone walkway and sitting area. This colorful array must have been glorious at one time, and I am determined it will be again with just a little TLC. It really blows my mind that someone would not take care of it just a little and reap it’s beauty. I mean, it was already there, it just needed to be weeded. Oh well, their loss is not my gain. The more I uncover of the flower garden, the more I am rewarded with beautiful surprises.

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