Kayak Rental:

We currently have two kayaks at BBO for rental: one is a fishing kayak that is equipped with pole holders, is open to easily access fishing gear and can carry a person up to 300 pounds. The other is a standard 8 foot kayak pictured here. If you would like to river kayak, we will drop you off or pick you up at your drop-off/pick-up points for a $20 per day fee. Please schedule kayak outings a week in advance so we can arrange for a driver to take you to your destination.

The park across the road also has kayaks available for day rentals, however, they are often unavailable due to being used by park visitors.

Professional On-Site Photographer:

Our Property Owner has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. If you would like wedding party photos, Bride & Groom photos, school photos, family photos or portraits. Bluebird Orchards offers several beautiful and unique outdoor settings/props for photo shoots. Photography rates vary depending on service and final product you request. Ask about professional photo sessions and we can give you a price quote. We also offer drone shots which can add additional uniqueness to your images.

Extra Cleaning Service:

Typically we clean once a week or after every guest check out, however, if you would like more frequent cleaning service please discuss it with us and we will give you a separate quote.

You can order any of our additional services during checkout or during your stay – we will charge you separately from your booking.