Amish Cantaloupe


Our cantaloupe are an heirloom variety given to us by our local Amish neighbors. It is the best tasting, most colorful cantaloupe we have ever tasted. You will notice the outside rind of this cantaloupe looks a little different as well. It is very rough with large lobes, not smooth like most grocery store varieties. This is an ancient variety with amazing sweetness and flavor. Hands down, the sweetest cantaloupe we’ve ever tasted. Approximately $1.79 per pound organic.

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We thank our Amish neighbors for giving us the seeds to start this heirloom beauty of a cantaloupe. Once we tasted it, we just knew we had to grow it. If you like cantaloupe, do not pass this one up. You will not be disappointed in it’s deep orange color high in beta carotene or sweetness.
The Amish grow all organically and have for centuries. They have also saved many ancient vegetable varieties that would have perished if they had not saved the seeds from generation to generation. This concept of saving heirloom seeds is now making a comeback as growers are realizing many of our best fruits and vegetables will be lost if we do not preserve them in the seed library now.

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Size Cantaloupe

Small 1-2 lbs, Medium 2-3 lbs, Large 3-4 lbs