Black Raspberry Jam


Many people confuse black raspberries with blackberries but they are not the same. Black raspberries are more rare and taste more like a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry. Very high in antioxidants and although they don’t taste like much on the vine, they make excellent jam, which does tend to have a lot of seeds. So if you don’t like seeds you should order one of our jellies. 14 oz. jar.


What is the difference between a black raspberry and a blackberry? For starters, the vines are not the same at all. A black raspberry has a whitish cane that bends over to tough the ground and start more plants. Blackberries vines are shorter and more upright canes with elongated fruit.

Black raspberry jam tastes more like red raspberry jam than blackberries. Something about cooking them brings out the raspberry flavor in them. If you like raspberry jam, you will love this one.