Carrot Cucumber Aloe Bar Soap


Our Carrot, Cucumber and Aloe Vera handmade bar soap is all vegetable derived. Made using Natural Carrot Oil, Cucumber Seed Oil and Aloe Vera, it contains all the vitamins founds in these oils, such as Omega-6 from our Cold Pressed Cucumber Oil. This particular ingredient combination is great for a facial cleanser!   3.5 ounce bar.

Read about the benefits of carrot, cucumber and aloe for your skin below.


Carrot Cucumber Aloe Handmade Soap

Commonly used in Europe over centuries Carrot Oil is known for its natural ability to improve skin tone elasticity & general skin health. With the additon of antioxidant rich Vitamins A, K, E Complex, it creates an effective one of a kind proven solution to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and all types of skin pigmentation, such as; acne, age spots, scars, stretch marks, and sun patches.

Of course, most of us now know the benefits of cucumber and aloe for the skin. Cucumber has a natural anti-inflammatory which is why people use cucumber slices on their eyes to reduce puffiness. Aloe has been used for centuries to help heal, moisturize, nourish and rebuild skin.