Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce


Looking for something a little different? Not too hot, not too mild, juuuuuust right with a hint of smoky chipotle flavor over cherries. Did we say, “Yummmmmy.” Great on wings, chicken, as a ham glaze, marinade, and awesome on ribs. Limited supply as we are still getting our cherry trees established. 14 ounce jar.


Our Cherry Chipotle BBQ sauce has just the right amount of kick. It won’t overpower what you are using it on but enhance the flavors of chicken, beef or pork. It is best when used as a marinade. Pour over the top of wings or ribs and let them sit overnight in the refrigerator. Then grill as you normally would. Add a little extra in a small dish for dipping. Bon appetit!

Coming Soon: Apple Cider BBQ Sauce. An original.