Farm Fresh Snow Peas


Why snow peas are so difficult to get in the super markets is anybody’s guess. This high-protein veggie is one of our favorites to eat right out of the garden. In fact, that is the best way to eat snow peas, which have a sweet, tender outer shell that can be eaten raw. Kids tend to like them raw the best because they are so sweet. When we were kids, we ate them right in the garden and they never even made it back to the house. Per pound of organic peas in tender shell.

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Peas are one of the vegetables that are very high in protein. Snow peas are best eaten raw to fully enjoy their sweetness and health benefits. Cut them in half and add to salads, pasta or stew, but we like them just to munch on for a snack. We keep a big bowl of them in the frig to grab whenever we like.

Peas are one of the earliest green vegetables available. Once the weather gets hot, they are done for the season, so stock up in the spring. Peas freeze fairly well.