Fresh Apples at Our Farm Store


Spend a day in the sunshine enjoying a family outing picking your own apples for $1.59 per pound or we will pick them for you for $1.99 a pound and deliver them or ship them wherever you want. Many varieties to choose from such as Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Gala, Macintosh, Orange Pippin, Winesap or edible crab apples which are great pickled. All are organic. $1.59 per pound organic, bring your own containers or bags.

Please make an appointment to pick your own apples. 608-546-2652.


Apples are usually ready for picking the first week of September depending on the variety, so please call to see if the variety you want is ripe yet. We have 7 varieties of apples in our orchard: Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Newtown Pippin, Orange Pippin, Yellow Delicious, Winesap and Macintosh.

apple varieties at our orchard