Fresh Chives


4 ounces of fresh cut chives or one large bundle. Chives have the best flavor when they are fresh, but you can dry them to use as well. 4 ounces is a lot of chives, about a large handful. See uses for chives below. We have both the Chinese and Traditional chives. Traditional have a stronger flavor and are round. Chinese chives have a flat stalk and look similar to grass. Specify if you want Chinese chives below, otherwise we will ship traditional. Organic.

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Chives are wonderful on baked or roasted potatoes, in potato salad, soups, stews, in baked breads and to flavor sauces or dips. They are also good on deviled eggs or on roasted chicken. Any recipe where you would like a mild onion flavor with more nutrients than onions have. Chives are high inĀ potassium, iron and calcium, vitamins A and C, folate, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin. As a rich source of vitamin C, folk remedies recommenc chives to helpĀ alleviate a stuffy nose and colds. They have much more nutritional value than onions, so anywhere you can substitute them is a health benefit.
If you don’t use the whole bunch right away, just leave them on your counter to dry and they will keep for a long time. Chives have the most flavor when fresh, dried they are okay, but never freeze chives – they just lose all of their flavor when frozen.

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Traditional Chives, Chinese Chives