Fresh Cut Flowers


A farm would be very dull without the colors and fragrances of an array of farm flowers. See which varieties are available during which seasons below. Choose your favorite to brighten your home from our drop down list below.



Spring Flowers Available: Purple and white Lilac, yellow and white Daffodils cut or potted for Mother’s Day gifts.

Summer Flowers Available: Pink and White Peonies, White Daisies, Lilies of every color imaginable, Variety of roses.

Late Summer Flowers Available: Black Eyed Susan, White Daisies, Purple Penstemmon, Giant Sunflowers multi-colored

Fall Flowers Available: Mums, Purple Penstemmon, White Daisies

Some suggestions for flower arrangements:

  • Potted Daffodils are awesome for Mother’s Day.
  • Lavender sprigs or Chicory blossoms and Snowball Hydrangeas.
  • White Daisies and red roses or Penstemmons or Chicory blossoms.
  • Black-eyed Susans and lavender sprigs or Chicory.
  • Sunflowers and Penstemmons.


Additional information

Flower Variety

Red Roses, Purple Penstemmon (fall), White Daisies, Purple Lilacs, Hot Pink Peonies, White Peonies, Black-Eyed Susan, Sunflowers, Lilies, White Snowball Hydrangea, Chicory Blossoms, Lavender Sprigs, Daffodils-Potted