Fresh Strawberries


Strawberry season usually runs from the first week of June to the first of July. Nothing beats vine-ripened strawberries. The strawberries in the stores lack flavor and are usually dry, hard and tasteless because they are not allowed to ripen on the vine. For really good strawberry shortcake, you need a juicy, flavorful berry. Sold by the pint when in season which is usually June to end of July. $3.99 per pint organic.

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According to Conveniently Green Magazine:

“Strawberries:¬†Hard to believe, but those sweet little berries can have¬†13 different pesticides¬†lurking on them when grown conventionally. Even worse, because of a strawberry’s texture, those chemicals don’t wash off easily. This is one food where you’ll be able to taste a difference between conventional and organic. The more flavorful organic berries are worth the price difference on taste alone!”

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