Garlic Dill Pickles

What makes our dill pickles different? Well for starters, they are packed full of garlic and dill, so they don’t have that wimpy taste that’s nothing but vinegar. Also, our cucumbers are all organic. But mostly because we have the traditional vinegar brine dill pickles and we also offer fermented dills. Taste the difference. And fermented foods, of course, are better for your digestion and stomach flora. Quart jar.

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What’s the big deal with fermented foods? Well, the majority of people today suffer from far more stomach ailments than they should. Attributed to the fact that we do not eat as we should. Fermented foods help to restore the friendly bacteria in your gut that aide in digestion thereby making it easier and more comfortable for you to digest food and process it without irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, gastritis, indigestion and other stomach disorders.

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