Green and Purple Kohlrabi


We offer both green and purple kohlrabi for our farm to home delivery. Kohlrabi is best eaten raw or it can also be cooked in soups and stews. It has a mild cabbage-radish taste. Purple kohlrabi has a little more of a bite to it. Price is per pound which equals about 2-3 roots depending on size. Grown without chemicals. Per pound.

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Kohlrabi is best eaten raw. Cut the outer peeling off, slice it and dip it in mustard sauce or ranch dressing. Kohlrabi can also be cooked and used in soups or stews. It has a slight cabbage taste with a bite like a radish.

Not many people are familiar with kohlrabi, but it is one of our favorite brassicas. Kids tend to like it more than other members of the cabbage family if you slice it up and keep it handy in the frig, they may just grab that for a snack rather than something sugary.

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Green Kohlrabi, Purple Kohlrabi