Heirloom Tomatoes


Just like our Cherry tomatoes, these large tomatoes are an heirloom variety that we have saved and replanted for decades. We always allow our tomatoes to vine-ripen, which gives them a deep color and juicy, strong tomato flavor that’s great for just slicing and eating or making outstanding spaghetti or marinara sauce! Everyone who tries this tomato agrees, these are the best tasting tomatoes they have ever had.
Per pound, picked fresh daily and always grown without any chemicals.

Please select how many pounds you would like in the quantity.


What’s an heirloom tomato? Any plant in which the seeds have been saved from one generation to another or over several years, preserving that varieties characteristics and flavor, is called “heirloom.” Unlike hybrid varieties, which are purposely cross pollinated and genetically engineered to have certain characteristics, heirloom varieties are true to their original genetic nature.

Also see our heirloom cherry tomatoes.