Organic Apple Pie Filling


Easy as pie. When you just don’t feel like peeling, coring and cooking all those apples to make pie. We’ve done all the hard work for you. Our organic apple pie filling makes one delicious 9 inch pie and is sweetened with honey not refined white sugars so it has a wonderful flavor. We don’t add spices to it, it’s just apples and honey, so you can flavor it to your liking with cinnamon or ginger right before you pour it into a pie shell to bake it. For an awesome apple pie recipe, see our Grandma’s apple pie version with a hidden surprise at the bottom your guests will love. And you too.

1 quart jar makes one 9 inch pie. Organic.


Bluebird Orchard’s apple pie filling is a big hit around the holidays. Made with nothing but our Pink Lady apples and organic honey, there is nothing in this apple pie filling that you don’t want. Just pour it into a prepared pie crust, add cinnamon if you like, and bake until the crust is golden brown. There’s nothing like fresh apple pie around the holidays. It’s especially sweet if you don’t have to do all the work involved in making one but can still get that homemade apple pie taste that can’t be beat.