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Phase Two: Farm to Table, Farm to Home Delivery

Farm to Table / Farm to Home Delivery.

Now that we’ve pretty much got a handle on getting the orchard going and the bed and breakfast, we are moving on to phase two: Home Produce Delivery. At Bluebird Orchards, we are already planning what we are going to be planting next year for our Farm to Table / Farm to Door Grocery Delivery service.¬† Yes, it’s true. We will be growing organic fruits and vegetables to deliver right to your door and to supply local restaurants with Farm to Table ingredients. This is a fairly new concept, and as such, I’m not sure most Wisconsinites are ready for it. Farm to Table restaurants and grocery delivery services are popping up all over the United States and are very popular in other states. But…true to Wisconsin, it takes the natives here a little longer to warm up to innovation and new ideas. That is why we are hitting up the more trendy Madison area first while the locals in the rest of the state get used to the idea of skipping the middle man (the grocery store) and having their food come directly to them. Bluebird Orchards sees a future where consumers will no longer spend as much time at the grocery stores and will opt for direct, farm fresh local foods to be delivered to their doorstep instead. This farm to table trend is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds in some areas of the U.S. already.

Farm CSAs.

Bluebird Orchards is taking the concept of the CSA farm membership one step further. We know most people don’t like to take time out of their busy schedules to go to the farm and pick up their produce orders, so we are bringing your orders to you. We will be offering a huge variety of organic produce in addition to our orchard fruits, as well as farm-fresh eggs and nuts and our year ’round canned goods for Farm to Door delivery in the Madison, WI areas.

Grocery Delivery Services.

Although grocery delivery has actually been around for almost 10 years now, consumers have not been in a hurry to accept it. More than likely that’s because so many people are impulse buyers and would forget most of what they need if they didn’t see it on the store shelf as they walk by. However, people are also getting so busy they don’t have the time to grocery shop anymore, and with the onset of our world becoming more and more geared around just having to push a button to get what we want, who want’s to spend hours every week shopping for food anymore? Apparently fewer people all the time, because grocery deliver services are gaining popularity every year.

Farm Fresh Produce Delivery vs What’s in the Stores.

However, there is also a segment of the grocery-shopping public that wants to support local, buy local, and buy fresh-grown, not shipped, local farm products. This is an awesome trend and also is gaining in popularity across the U. S.
Farmer’s markets in some cities are becoming the main source for local shoppers looking for farm fresh produce. In more popular areas, farmer’s markets are taking up entire city blocks, similar to the Open Air markets of other countries such as Italy and the Asian countries who have been shopping this way their entire lives. Because of the growing popularity of farmer’s markets, the super market industry is feeling a little threatened and thus has ramped up their grocery delivery services as a way to stay competitive in the cyber world of ordering online for everything. However, having your groceries delivered from a conventional grocery store chain is nowhere near as good as having them delivered by your local farmer. Why? Well the biggest reason is that the produce is still shipped for miles, not grown locally, and due to the way a grocery store works, it still sits around for days before it is available to consumers. Conventional grocery stores¬† have all of their produce shipped to the store, where it is sorted, packaged and labeled, put on display, and thereby sits around for days before the grocery store can even think about delivering it to you.

Another detriment to regular grocery store delivery is that produce for store sale is always picked way before it is ripe, thereby destroying its flavor and vitamin content. Consumers have know this for years, and now that there is an alternative to old, unripe, tasteless store produce, many consumers are realizing that it just doesn’t make any sense to waste their money on store produce.

Where to Get Farm Fresh Delivery?

Check our list of Farm to Door delivery products and sign up early so we can grow enough for everyone on our list. We will have an online order sheet so you can order what you want weekly. Unlike a CSA, we will not just show up with a box of produce that we picked for you because that is all we have in season. You do the picking online, we deliver it.