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Peach Season

A Hint About Local Peaches and Peach Season.

Since I already had two people ask me for peaches this morning and I had to tell them they just missed the peach season, I thought I had better give a little info about the local availability of this fruit in Wisconsin.

First off, peaches are rather difficult to grow in Wisconsin due to our brutal winters, but in the event that an orchard actually has some, peaches get started much earlier than apples. I have people coming to Bluebird Orchards for peaches during apple harvest. That is way too late for peaches. Peaches usually ripen around late July into early August, and apples mid to late September. So, unfortunately, those of you looking for fresh peaches this year have missed the boat.

The best way to know what we have ripe at any given time is to follow this website. We post what is “in stock” or in season in our farm store, and what is not, on a regular basis throughout the growing season.

That said, we do have a few jars of farm-canned peaches left, but they are going quickly as well.