Spring Vacation Destinations

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March 20, 2020

Spring has sprung. The snow melted last weekend and we have been experiencing a great deal of rain. The daffodils on the hill are poking up to see if it’s time to show off their sunny yellow heads and brighten things up early or not. A bit muddy in the orchard as the frost just went out of the ground, but all in all, a typical spring in this area so far.

Spring Vacation Destinations can be a bit difficult in this area if we receive a great deal of rain and it causes flooding, however, The Barnhouse rental and the rest of the BBO property are not in a flood zone and usually stay high and dry regardless of any flooding in Baraboo or surrounding areas.

The ice went off the pond about a week ago as well, but it is not quite off White Mound Lake yet. Another 2 weeks I’m betting unless we get a quick warm-up around here.

Spring Attractions at BBO:

Watch the daffodils come up, the redbud bud, the birds start their nest-building and the honeybees come out when it gets above 50 degrees during the day and start getting busy immediately. The apple orchard blooms about mid to late May depending on the weather and it is wonderfully relaxing and picturesque to take walks through the orchard and listen to the birds.