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Store Bought vs Farm Tomatoes.

The difference between a store-bought tomato and a farm-grown local tomato is the best example of what happens to our produce as it is delivered to stores nationwide.

Tomatoes, like all produce in the stores, are picked before they are fully ripe so by the time they are processed,¬†packaged and shipped across many states to get to your store they are not rotten and will have a longer shelf life. This means all your produce is picked before it has developed it’s full flavor, nutrient value and texture. In other words, you are paying good money for produce in the stores that is only a figment of what it should be. No wonder so many people have quit eating veggies! When they are tasteless, juiceless, colorless replicas of what a real vegetable or fruit is, and we pay such high prices for these vitamin-deficient alternatives, why waste the money?

This is why farm CSAs and farmer’s markets are becoming so popular. People have come to realize they are wasting their money on weak, poor quality produce that is not only a waste of money but not healthy for them either.

The photo at the top shows the difference in color between store and farm fresh tomatoes, but to fully grasp the difference you have to taste them. Nothing beats a homegrown tomato for flavor, juiciness, softness and nutrient value. The flavor difference alone will convince you of what you have been missing all these years. See…we have gotten accustomed to the poor quality food in the supermarkets because we had no alternative for generations. Many of us have no idea what we are missing because we simply don’t know any better. One taste of a farm raised tomato will convince you. But we have to warn you….once you have farm fresh organic,¬† you will never go back to that tasteless, lifeless stuff in the supermarkets. The difference can be tasted with any farm fresh vegetable, but tomatoes are the most prominent example of what is wrong with our food service today. We have gotten so far removed from what our food should be because we are so far removed from our local farms. CSAs aim to bring communities back in touch with their food and tastebuds and offer nutrition over convenient replicas of what we should be eating.

Taste what you’ve been missing!!