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How Are Our Honeybees Doing?

Well, so far so good. Our new honeybee colony took to our orchard right away and seem to be multiplying and doing very well. Of course, getting them through the winter is the trickiest part. If this colony survives the winter, we will be looking at expanding our number of hives for next year.

Bluebird Orchards has prime honeybee habitat with our apple orchard blossoms and other numerous flowering plants, trees, berries and flowers we plant specifically for the bees. We also have white clover all over our entire property, which is also a honeybee favorite. So….our little girls should have plenty of food. Also, with the fact that Bluebird Orchards is 100% organic and never uses chemicals of any kind on our property, we hope to sustain a very healthy and productive bee apiary for years to come.

bees on lavenderWe also want to thank our customers who are supporting our bees by purchasing their honey. Every purchase of honey helps to maintain the construction of the hives, the processing of honey, and the purchasing of equipment, supplies for packaging honey, and more bee colonies.

We at Bluebird Orchards know how incredibly vital pollinators are to whether we have productive food crops or not. We are doing our part by planting bee-specific flowers and plants and encouraging wild species of favorite bee flowers by eliminating competition from invasive weed species that are not beneficial to pollinators and protecting the plants that are. We are also encouraging the milkweed on our property to reproduce as it is a favorite of Monarch butterflies.

Come to our orchard on some sunny summer day for an informative tour on how we are being as sustainable, regenerative and proactive as possible to protect our food supply and our health. And say “Hi” to our bees. You will see them all over the farm.