By completing your reservation with Bluebird Orchards Vacation Rentals, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

WE BOOK UP QUICKLY BETWEEN MAY AND SEPTEMBER 1ST. So please make your reservations at least a month in advance or more.



Required Guest Information: All reservation holders must be 25 years of age or older. We reserve the right to verify the age of the reservation holder at any time and to refuse occupancy if proper identification, such as a valid driver’s license, is not presented at check-in. The State of Wisconsin requires hospitality establishments to keep a guest log of each guests legal name, address and contact information. You will be required to fill out our guest log/sign-in form before being allowed to rent one of our units.  Misrepresentation of occupancy, age or identity will result in the offending guest vacating the premises without a refund.

Disturbances: Guests and their use of the premises shall not disturb or offend surrounding guests, the property manager or neighbors. Quiet hours are to be observed from 10:00 pm – 8:00 am. Any reported disturbance may result in requiring the offending guests to vacate the premises immediately and without refund.

Parties, Gatherings or Events: Any gathering of people at the property which exceeds the number of people who are paid guests are not allowed unless prior approval is given by the property manager.

COVID-19: We reserve the right to refuse any reservation that is made by a guest who has been to any other country or outside the State of Wisconsin in the last month. We also reserve the right to refuse any guest who exhibits any signs of having a cold, flu or excessive sneezing/coughing upon their arrival or during their stay.


Deposits:  We hold reservations with a valid credit card and a $50 deposit for any bookings of one week or less that are not paid in full during the reservation process. For bookings of a month or more, there is a $500 deposit.  All deposits are later applied to our guest’s reservation balance.

Payment Due: All reservation balances are due in full 30 days before your check-in date. If we are not able to reach guests for payment after 3 attempts, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and proceed with re-renting the unit. It is the guest’s responsibility to provide current and accurate contact information.

Guests shall not arrive on-site without prior contact, ID and payment.

We require a 2-night minimum stay. Check our availability calendar before contacting us for reservations.


Guests who cancel their reservation more than 7 days before their check-in date will receive a full refund, less a service fee (see below).

Guests who cancel their reservation less than 7 days before their check-in date will not receive a refund and will be responsible for the full amount of the reservation unless the unit is re-rented. If the unit is re-rented for the entirety of the original reservation, the canceling guest will receive a full refund, less a service fee (see below). If the unit is re-rented for a portion of the original reservation, the canceling guest will receive a refund in correlation with the amount of re-rented days, less a service fee (see below).

Guests who fail to cancel their reservation and do not arrive on their check-in date are responsible for the full balance of their entire reserved stay.

If a guest must shorten their stay after arrival, they will remain responsible for the full balance of the original reservation.

We are unable to offer refunds due to inclement weather or family / medical emergencies.


More than 14 days before the guest’s arrival: $50

Less than 14 days before the guest’s arrival: $100


Check-in is after 12 p.m. and before 9 pm. After 9:00 pm must be pre-approved.

Check-out is at 11:00 a.m. Late checkouts are not allowed since our rental units cannot be substituted for the next guest.

MINORS: We welcome children of all ages,  however, the premises are not childproof and parents are responsible for the safety of their children at all times. Please be extra cautious around the pond, fireplaces and fire pit.


Pets are welcome with a $50 fee per animal for up to one week booking. The fee for monthly bookings is $100 per animal.  Pets are not allowed on furniture or beds. Guests will be charged a minimum $50 cleaning fee for violation.

Pets are not to be left unattended in rental units unless they are crated. Pets are not to be left unattended tied up outside. We have two very nice fenced dog kennels with indoor shelters that guests can use for free for the duration of their stay. Damage by a pet to the property is the pet owner’s sole responsibility. You will be charged for any and all damage your pet does to the rental unit and surrounding landscaping and grounds if it is beyond normal wear and tear.

Pets must not disturb other guests. We have neighbors that will complain about excessive barking.


Guests shall leave the premises, unit, and furnishings in the condition they were in when you arrived. We reserve the right to charge our guests for any repairs outside of normal maintenance, reasonable wear and tear, or for any extra cleaning beyond our typical routine cleaning regimen.

Guests shall not bring, keep, or have, either inside or outside the premises, any article or object of a hazardous nature, including fireworks, explosives, flammable items, gasoline or guns (other than for hunting during your stay – firearms must be pre-approved by the property manager before entering the premises and any rental unit).

Be cautious while using the outdoor grill. You will see burn marks on the deck where one  guest did not watch for hot coals that fell onto the deck and could have burned the house down or destroyed the deck.

APPLIANCES/EQUIPMENT MALFUNCTION Should our guests encounter any malfunctioning equipment; including appliances, electronics, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, or lighting, they should notify the property manager immediately. Every effort will be made to make reasonable repairs as quickly as possible. No refunds will be made for the malfunction of non-essential equipment including Wifi and cell phone coverage.

FIREWOOD: Small firewood is available in the red pole building. Any larger firewood can be purchased from neighbors in the area.

YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN A COPY OF OUR POLICIES UPON YOUR ARRIVAL to show that you have read and understand them before being allowed to occupy one of our rental units. Policies and prices are subject to change without notice.