Things to Remember About Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes VS. Hotels

You can’t deny the convenience and comfort of a vacation rental vs staying in a hotel. When renting a vacation home you don’t have to put up with people slamming doors all hours of the early morning and night like you do staying in a hotel. You don’t hear the person on the other side of the wall snoring, the kids being loud in the pool, and a vacation rental home is just more relaxing, peaceful and comfortable than any hotel will ever be. You also have much more room for pets, kids and everyone in general.

Most vacation rental homes also supply their guests with all the same amenities a hotel does and more. If there is a downside to staying in a vacation rental home at all, it is just that you will not have any room service; but most guests feel that is a meager compromise for all the additional amenities, comforts and conveniences a vacation home offers.

What to Look For in a Vacation Rental Home

Just a few things to remember about vacation rentals is that they are not all created equal. I know of one property in my area that rents a cabin that is so off-the-grid guests have to carry in their own water. Some vacation rental homes in more remote areas in the mountains do not have sewer hookups and renters either have to use a composting toilet or an outhouse. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about a few of the guests who have stayed at Bluebird Orchards it’s that they just assume there will be running water, an indoor modern toilet and all the modern conveniences of a modern home. The best advice I can give to renters is to not assume but to come right out and ask. A few things to ask about are:

  1. What exactly is offered for cookware, utensils and other functional items? This is important to know in advance so you know what you have to bring and what you don’t. Also you may want to stop and buy groceries for your stay on the way to the rental, and knowing what you need in the way of personal items will save you a trip. Is laundry soap and dish soap provided or do you need to bring your own?
  2. How far is the parking from the entrance door? Do you really want to carry groceries and all of your other baggage a long distance if there is not parking at the house? Probably not. Some tiny houses and converted outdoor buildings are located behind a main house occupied by the owners and the street and driveway are up front with the main house, not in the back where the rental unit is.
  3. Is there an indoor toilet that flushes and is not a composting toilet?
  4. Is there electricity?
  5. Is there a trash receptacle or do we have to carry our trash out?
  6. Is there a shower?
  7. Are there laundry facilities available?

Knowing all of these basic things in advance will save you potential headaches if you arrive and discover the rental unit is not what you expected. Of course, if photos are supplied either on the vacation rental website, Airbnb, or other site that are sufficient enough to answer all of these questions, that makes it much easier to choose your next vacation rental home from the hundreds that are now available.