Wisconsin Cabin Rentals

Do a search and you will pull up a couple Wisconsin Cabin Rental websites with a few properties, however, most people these days use Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Booking.com and their affiliated sites. It’s like telling someone to “Google it.” Airbnb is notably the most used site when vacationers are looking for a place to stay. Bluebird Orchards is listed on Airbnb as well as Travel Wisconsin, Google Business and Facebook if you have a preference when you are searching for vacation spots.

I’m not sure our Barnhouse Rental Unit classifies as a cabin exactly. While it is in Wisconsin, and is a bit rustic-looking with all of it’s pine tongue and groove walls and hardwood floors, and it is in the woods, it is not as isolated as some people might picture a cabin in the woods to be. Yes, we have a lake, pond, stream and trees, but we are also close enough to a major Wisconsin highway (23) not far from Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo and Madison to take day trips if you are looking for shopping, dining, entertainment, a duck boat ride, some amazing kayaking and awesome ethnically diversified restaurants in Madison.

The Barnhouse Rental does have some very interesting antiques incorporated into it though. Such as the chandelier pictured above, a very old crank-style wooden antique phone (one of the first phones invented) and an antique freezer door for an entry door to the basement that still has the instructions on it telling store owners how to use yeast to make bread. The contractor who renovated the original barn also left the original ropes and pulley system in the loft, which we thought was a unique touch and really adds some nostalgia.

So you see, our Barnhouse Vacation Rental is a little bit of country, rustic, antique and cabin charm without leaving the modern conveniences and creature comforts by the roadside as you turn into the drive.